Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I've moved to Tumblr

The time has come. I made up my mind and did it. I'm now on Tumblr. Not all of my posts from here have exported across properly which is a shame and quite annoying and I've got no idea what I'm doing on there but I'm willing to give it a shot.

So anyone who follows me regularly should now check me out over at My Lost Romance.

Monday, 28 February 2011


Rumor is my favourite character. I have her symbol tattooed behind my ear. Gerard told me she's his favourite too.

Mentally unbalanced

People should not be afraid of their governments...

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Just wow!

Gerard, you really are too beautiful for words. I love and admire you for your talent but man it's a bonus that you're so pretty.

February was MCR month for me

I've had the best month, I managed to see My Chemical Romance three times in less than two weeks. They've left the country now which means I can relax a bit but it also means all the adrenalin has now left my system and whatever was keeping me going has gone and I'm sick. They better come back soon! I'm just gutted I'm going to miss them at all the festivals this year.

On the 12th I got to Wembley at 8am so that I could attempt to get to the barrier for the first night of their UK tour. It didn't quite work, I got about three rows back and sometimes got pushed back much further but I had a great view and loved the gig. I also met some really lovely Killjoys in the queue and we had so much fun. It was the hardest gig I've ever been to physically. I was dehydrated and the crowd was surging from before the first support act even came on. I saw 20-30 kids get pulled out and I spent a good three hours just trying to stay on my feet and breathe. The air was so thick with sweat everyone looked like they'd taken a mass shower and we were all breathing in wet air. The highlight for me was Vampire Money and I managed to find some energy to go mental to it!

Then we had the NME Awards ceremony on the 23rd. I got there at 10am (later than planned because I was booking more MCR tickets that morning) and I was the third in the queue. All the MCR fans turned up first so I got to meet some more amazing people. We all had seating tickets but the first 200 people were given pit passes at the last minute so I got to stand next to the aisle all the winners walk down and with my arms literally on the stage. I had a perfect view of all the performances and the winners. There were a bunch of indie freaks who were giving all the MCR fans grief and a load of girls trying to push past us but security clocked them and actually told them off like children, it was classic. We saw the band arrive and then they opened the show. They played Na Na Na and Vampire Money in balaclavas, proving that it's about music not image, something NME seriously needs to listen to. They won two awards and we were screaming for them so that they knew they had fans there supporting them. I must say, they looked so dapper in their suits and I was so proud of their speeches, they made NME look like fools. Foo Fighters performed and I could see Gerard and Mikey watching them off stage for a few songs so that was pretty cool too.

Finally on the 24th fans were able to be part of the video shoot for their new single Planetary. We all rocked up in our colours but didn't know what to expect. It was at Islington Academy so it was fairly intimate and the band did not disappoint. First they played a mini gig and then we were filmed on our own going mental to Planetary, then the band came back and we were filmed again. It was really hot and sweaty so if I am in the video I'll look horrendous! We were all chanting and singing songs and Gerard was loving it. He was sassing it up so much. I'm just glad I was part of MCR history and even if I'm not in the video I'll still be happy to have been there.

And then it was over :( But my Danger Days boxset arrived this morning and I got Mikey's raygun and mask so I'm pretty happy with that.