Tuesday, 31 August 2010



I accidentally (don't ask) shaved my eyebrows off a few years ago and they never grew back quite right and are still bald in places. I draw them on everyday and I'm obsessed with other people's eyebrows. So I love this.

Day 04 — Your favourite male character

Charlie. No doubt about it. I was gutted when I couldn't buy anything of his in the Lost auction. He's the most human character, he has the most real faults I think but he turns out to be a real hero as well.

My second favourite it Ben. A very loveable villain. I'd totally follow Ben around the island. I want both of their candidate numbers tattooed on my fingers.

Monday, 30 August 2010


Am I the only person alive to not find back-in-the-day-Debbie Harry hot? I think I am. I don't get it.

Day 03 — Your favourite female character

Toughie as I'm not a big fan of the female characters strangely enough. I think I'll have to go with Claire. She's an important character all the way through the series, especially her relationship with Kate. She gets some really interesting flash-backs and is central to the great unanswered question surrounding the importance of Aaron (if he's important at all). Also she gets Charlie so she's bloody lucky. Oh and she goes fucking mental. Squirrel Baby anyone?!

Other than that I think Libby is a good character, once again she's mental and very sweet. Ana Lucia is pretty hot so she'd rank high too. Alex as well, especially in the flash-sideways.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Zombie Card

Day 02 — Your favourite episode

You cannot ask me this question! It's too hard. "Greatest Hits" and both parts of "Through the Looking Glass" would be high up on my list, especially because Charlie delivers one hell of a line in the latter (when Ben asks who had infiltrated the Looking Glass Charlie shouts, "It's Charlie, tell him I say hi!"). Anything from Season 5 is good too, I love everything about that season.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Happy 6th Birthday!

Day 01 — Your favourite quote

This is a tough one because I have a few and let's be honest, Lost is pretty hilarious in places. My top quote would probably be "Whatever happened, happened" said by one of my favourite characters Daniel Faraday but Ben and Charlie both have some brilliant lines too.

One I like from season 5 is when Jack asks Ben, "How can you read?" as they are waiting for their plane to crash and Ben says, "My mother taught me" and then gives Jack a little smile. Brilliant.

Another is this exchange between Charlie and Mr. Eko:
Mr. Eko: Climb that tree.
Charlie: What?
Mr. Eko: Climb that tree and perhaps we'll be able to get your bearings or see the plane.
Charlie: You climb it! What if I don't? You gonna beat me with your Jesus-stick?! I find it a little odd that your scripture-stick has dried blood on it!
Mr. Eko: Are you going to climb that tree or not?
[Eko gives Charlie a scary look and Charlie begins to climb]
Charlie: What kind of priest are you anyway?

Friday, 27 August 2010

I think I'll start this tomorrow. Don't hate me.

Day 01 — Your favourite quote
Day 02 — Your favourite episode
Day 03 — Your favourite female character
Day 04 — Your favourite male character
Day 05 — Your favourite Season soundtrack
Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 — A LOST-related photo that makes you happy
Day 08 — A LOST-related photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 — A LOST-related photo you took
Day 10 — A photo of your favourite character
Day 11 — A photo of your least favourite character
Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 — Your favourite season
Day 14 — Favourite LOST-related Tumblr
Day 15 — Favourite LOST-related fanfic
Day 16 — Character death that made you cry the most
Day 17 — An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) that’s LOST-related
Day 18 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 — Character on LOST that is most like you
Day 20 — Favourite LOST theory
Day 21 — Team Smokey or Team Jacob?
Day 22 — A website that’s LOST-related
Day 23 — A LOST-related YouTube video
Day 24 — Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 — Favourite LOST actor
Day 26 — Favourite LOST actress
Day 27 — What you’ll miss the most about LOST
Day 28 — Your favourite thing about LOST
Day 29 — What do you plan on doing now that LOST is over?
Day 30 — Whatever tickles your fancy


I've seen Dita doing this strip with the carousel horse and feathers. It was awesome!

Happy 30th!

Macaulay Culkin was my first big crush. I had hundreds and hundreds of photos of him when I was about 8. Even now I can't help but love him and I was going to post this photo yesterday but I didn't, then when I got up today he was trending on Twitter! I thought he'd died but turns out he just turned 30. Phew! So here's the photo.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

We are the weirdos mister

I used to watch The Craft all the time when I was younger. I wanted to be Fairuza Balk so much.

American Psycho

I saw this photo of Christian Bale and Mary Harron and it reminded me of a story my film studies tutor told me. He used to live with Mary Harron and apparently she used to write Jonathan Ross' film reviews. I now wonder if he actually writes his own. ???

I'm alright...

Day 22 – Do you say your country’s national anthem/pledge of allegiance when it is said/listened to?

Yeah, I'm not a royalist or anything really but I'm proud to be British and so don't have anything against singing the national anthem. It actually annoys me when certain members of the England football team don't sing the national anthem. If they're happy to represent their country then they should be happy to sing it's anthem.

I'm also going to answer tomorrow's question today because it's a weird one and the last one so I'll get it out the way:

Day 23 – What do you think about thinspo?
What the fuck is thinspo?

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mike Litoris

Day 21 – What do you think about the death penalty?

Hmmm, pretty controversial and seeing as we don't have it over here and I doubt we ever will it's not overly important what I think. To be honest it's one of those things I think sounds better in theory than in practice, ideally it's horrific enough of a punishment that it puts you off ever committing a crime but really it raises issues that I don't know enough about so don't think I'll get into.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

This makes me smile

EKO: Charlie, do you know how they got the Hatch door open?
CHARLIE: No, but if you hum it, I could probably play it.

Day 20 – What do you think about plastic surgery?

I think when it's done well it's great and when it's done badly it's horrific. People often get it done for the wrong reasons but I think if there's a part of your body that makes you unhappy and you can have it fixed then why not? I'd love a boob job and I'd love lipo on my thighs and on my double chin.

One Night Only - Dingwalls

It's so nice to have One Night Only gigging again. I was really sceptical about their new stuff but it's all really grown on me and I can't stop singing it now.

I went to see them at Dingwalls on Thursday. We queued up for ages like losers and then it really didn't matter because for the first time ever we didn't try to get to the front but stood up on a second level....it was a good idea at the time but meant I got shit photos and the atmosphere wasn't as good up there. The crowd were shit. London normally really goes for it but I didn't recognise half the people there and it showed a lot of them weren't proper fans. Having said that we did see a few familiar faces which was so lovely and met a few fans that I've spoken to online. I also saw my mate Dougie who I forgot was a good friend of Andy Burrows, ex-Razorlight, now of I Am Arrows who were supporting and really really good.

One Night Only were great, a couple of the slower songs didn't go down as well but I think that's because people weren't hyped up to begin with. After the gig we acted like complete idiots and got our photos taken with George...which is always so weird because he knows us but I'm not going to stop now. I said, "can we be losers and have a photo?" he said, "are you ashamed to have your photo taken with me?" and I said, "no, obviously not!". He then asked how my fella was and asked about the wedding (I don't know how he knows I'm getting married), we had a little chat then gave me a hug goodbye. It was really sweet.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 19 – Do you think high schools should give out free contraceptive?

Yes, it's not a knew thing that teenagers have sex. It's better to protect them and teach them safe sex than to have an abundance of STIs and unwanted babies.

Leon speaks the truth

Sunday, 22 August 2010

How the holy fuck is this 'driftwood'?

The Telegraph reported this last week. It's a piece of 'driftwood' that turned up on a beach in La Push. That's not drift wood. That's a fucking tree! A huge fucking tree.

I'd marry Benjamin Linus if I could...

But he's a fictional character so I can't. Damn it!

Day 18 – What is your take on people who self harm (cutting, burning, scratching etc etc.)

It's a cry for help and a pretty serious one that needs to be recognised by older generations more. I used to self harm and when I'm feeling stressed or down it's still something I get the urge to do, especially when I'm working, but I know now it's not the way to release stress or pressure, it's just another stress I don't need. It's a viscous circle for most people.

A lot of people think it's a really "emo" thing to do and that's crap, it can, and does, effect anyone. The resulting scars stay with you forever, I've still got a few fine razor scars on my arms, so anyone who was just doing it because they thought it was part of a being in a certain scene would be making a huge mistake.

Saturday, 21 August 2010


I'd never be able to walk in these. I love heels but I have the joints of a 90 year old and my feet would be crippled within seconds :(

I don't think this is real but I wish it was!

My wedding blog

As most of you will now know I'm getting married next year and to help our friends and family keep track of everything and stay updated we've set up our own wedding blog. If you're interested you can find it here. My oldest friend, Ella, helped us come up with the name and I think it's rather fitting.

Day 17 – Have you experienced your ‘first true love’ yet? Do you believe you ever will?

Yeah and I'm marrying him.

Friday, 20 August 2010

I loved Drew Barrymore back in the 90's

Got a Chinese tattoo? Then read this blog.

If you've got a Chinese, Japanese, Kanji etc. tattoo then you have to check out this blog. Two guys actually tell you what your tattoo means. Terrible state of affairs. Hanzi Smatter I salute you.

The top should read "to excel", the inside should read "strength", the outside "to persevere", and the bottom "to find happiness".

In Japanese, 我慢 means "to persevere" or "patience, endurance, perseverance." However, it means "I am slow" in Chinese. 芽出度い, which can mean "happy" but can also colloquially mean "pregnant" or "crazy."


Silk Spectre for the win! Silhouette I love you too.

Possibly my favourite couple EVER!

I met Tim Burton once. I got his autograph and managed to say, "You're my idol". I'm such a twat. He said thanks though.

Day 16 – What do you want to happen to your body when you die?

I want to be buried, I don't like the thought of being cremated, but I was always told that by the time I'm old everyone will have to be cremated because there won't be enough room in the cemeteries. Having said that I'm petrified of being buried alive but I think my fear of being burnt alive overrides that.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Om nom nom.

Geek for life!

Charlie Brown read my mind!

Day 15 – Do you believe in regrets? do you have any terrible ones?

You can't not believe in regrets, regrets just are. I wish they didn't exist but everyone has them, some people just get over them or deal with them better than others. I have a couple of huge regrets, regrets that if I could undo I would. Problem is you can't undo regrets and that's why they are what they are. I do believe though that if you're going to have regrets it's better to regret the things you do than the things you don't do.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Alternative Lost Intro. OMG!

Lost vs. Saul Bass from Hexagonall on Vimeo.

Well...this is creepy....

Day 14 – Do you believe in aliens?

Of course! Not like little green men but definitely life on other planets. Space is infinite, it's so huge it's unimaginable and freaks the hell out of me, so how small minded would you have to be to think we're the only life form in the whole of space?!

I'm not going to get into this because I could talk about this forever.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


I loved Blossom when I was younger. I recorded every single episode on VHS (oh those were the days). No wonder I had such a weird dress sense in the early 90's. I mean fashion was bad back then but with Blossom as an idol I took bad taste to a whole new level!

Day 13 – Do you think there should be an age to get tattoos/piercings without the consent of a parent?

The age to legally get a tattoo or piercing should be 18 and parental consent shouldn't play a part.

People get tattooed and pierced without thinking it through at the best of times and I think teenagers often want to make a statement and don't think of the consequences to their bodies. Younger teenagers can't have piercings at school meaning they have to remove the jewellery and healing time is disrupted and infection is likely. At least a piercing can be removed, although I doubt many people think of the scarring they'll have, but tattoos are for life and from my experience first tattoos on teenagers are often terrible (mainly due to lack of money).

I adore my tattoos and piercing but I'll always have scars on my mouth when I eventually take out my snake bites, my ears lobes will never stretch down to a 'normal' size and my body will be covered in tattoos until the day I die. That's a choice I've made and I've always thought "will I want this tattoo/piercing on my wedding day?" before I've had anything done to myself. Younger teenagers should think about the longevity of what they're doing and also realise their personality and taste will change a lot over the next few years.

Monday, 16 August 2010

The show must go on...

This may be my favourite costume from Moulin Rouge.

Angelina always made being bad look so good

Day 12 – What do you think about bisexuality?

That's like asking what do I think of heterosexuality or homosexuality. It's perfectly normal. In some ways it actually makes more sense to me than heterosexuality or homosexuality because I think it proves you fall in love with the person inside rather than the shell.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Day 11 – What do you think about prostitution? Should it be legal?

I think if that's how someone feels comfortable making their money then that's perfectly acceptable. The problem is that some woman use it as a last resort to make money, to either feed a drug habit or because they've not been given the chances in life they deserve. A woman should never feel pressured into having to do anything like that. There are larger issues at play but a lot of those issues are also linked to prostitution being illegal (sex trafficking for example). I don't see a problem in making prostitution legal and think anything that keeps a woman safe and healthy has got to be a good thing.


Just saying.....

You should learn

Things to do today....

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I'd like....


Very sorry


Day 10 – What do you think about straightxedge?

I love it. I don't pretend to know a lot about it but I love hardcore, where it all started, and so know of a lot of band members who choose to live straight edge and they're still the most rock n roll guys you'd ever meet.

I've stopped drinking because I hate the person I am when I drink too much, I don't touch drugs because I find them a selfish indulgence that ruin relationships, and I think monogamy is extremely important to a relationship so I try to live somewhat by the straight edge way of life right now anyway.

As someone who has suffered depression and find it hard to keep a clear mind at the best of times I think drink, drugs and sleeping around are best of out of my life. I prefer to get my highs through listening to music, getting lost in a good film or just laughing with my friends. Some people might think that's boring but maybe they should judge their own lives and not mine because mine's not going so bad right now...

Friday, 13 August 2010

Stay Awesome

Adam just sent me this. Love.

Day 9 – Pro-life or prochoice?

Quite a controversial question this. I'm pro-choice although I do think the length of time before an abortion stops being an option needs to be shortened.

That's it really. It's a personal choice. One I'd find very hard to make but you never know until you're in that situation and nobody has the right to judge.

Final Photo

Oh my, this is such a sad but lovely photo of the Lost cast after they filmed the last scene.
Just look at Terry O'Quinn (John Locke) holding Dominic Monaghan's (Charlie Pace) hand, while he holds baby Aaron. Love it!

Thursday, 12 August 2010


I want this to be good but it actually looks really bad. Christina Aguilera doesn't seem to be able to act and the whole thing looks like a cross between High School Musical and Pretty Woman.

The only saving grace would seem to be Cher who I adore no matter what. I'll probably still grab it on dvd.

Day 8 – Do you think any drugs should be legalized? Do you think there should be an age for drinking?

I don't know much about the pros and cons of legalizing drugs but no, personally, I don't think they should be legalized. By legalizing something you are either saying it's fine or that it needs to be regulated somehow, both of which condone usage on some level and I don't agree with that.

I hate drugs and never touch them. I tried weed a couple of times a very long time ago and after it having no effect on me but seeing how retarded everyone else started acting I decided to stay well clear. I do have friends who socially use drugs and I'd never judge, what people choose to do with their bodies is up to them, and as long as I'm not directly effected by their actions I'm really not fussed but that doesn't mean I agree with their choices.

At the moment I don't drink and I've seen and experienced the consequences of too much alcohol. Essentially it is a drug and I probably wouldn't care if it was banned altogether (although I know there are larger issues around this). There should definitely be an age for drinking and I think it's fine as it is at 18.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sylvia Plath


Beautiful melodies

Day 7 – Do you want to get married and/or have kids?

Yes...which is good seeing as I'm engaged :) I've always wanted to have a beautiful wedding, I think it's a lot of little girl's dream. I appreciate a wedding isn't about the frills and sparkles but at the same time it's a very important day and I think everything should be perfect.

I've never wanted anything more than to have children. I'd like two children I think and I'd happily adopt as well. I love children and I think the kids that make you think "God, I never want to have one of those" are a product of bad parenting.

The Runaways

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

This conversation takes place most days in my flat...

Although I don't have a Tumblr so it's about the internet in general.

Romance is not dead