Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Day 6 – What are your views on love? Do you think it’s real? Do you think we only experience one love per lifetime? Does everyone have a soul mate?

Quite a few parts to this question. My views on love? Well it can make or break a person. It can drive you insane and make you act like a totally different person. It's completely irrational and comes out of nowhere to turn your world upside down. It matures as well, that crazy love you feel for the first few years you're with someone changes and becomes deeper and stronger but less irrational I guess.

Do I think it's real? Yes. What else is it if not real? There are different types of love but they all have value.

Do we only experience one love per lifetime? No. I think you could be in love with two people at the same time or feel a different type of love for two or more people. I love Adam with all my heart and he's also my best friend but I also have male friends who I love and could tell anything to but I don't want them to be my boyfriend. In terms of wanting to be with someone forever of course you can feel that more than once in a lifetime, how else do people who remarry after they lose a loved one carry on? People can fall out of love but it doesn't mean it wasn't real in the first place.

Does everyone have a soul mate? I like to think that there is somebody for everyone. I knew I'd be with Adam from the very first second I saw him, even though it was a year before we actually got together. I just knew and we just clicked. He's my soul mate and no matter what happens we'll always have a bond.

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