Tuesday, 24 August 2010

One Night Only - Dingwalls

It's so nice to have One Night Only gigging again. I was really sceptical about their new stuff but it's all really grown on me and I can't stop singing it now.

I went to see them at Dingwalls on Thursday. We queued up for ages like losers and then it really didn't matter because for the first time ever we didn't try to get to the front but stood up on a second level....it was a good idea at the time but meant I got shit photos and the atmosphere wasn't as good up there. The crowd were shit. London normally really goes for it but I didn't recognise half the people there and it showed a lot of them weren't proper fans. Having said that we did see a few familiar faces which was so lovely and met a few fans that I've spoken to online. I also saw my mate Dougie who I forgot was a good friend of Andy Burrows, ex-Razorlight, now of I Am Arrows who were supporting and really really good.

One Night Only were great, a couple of the slower songs didn't go down as well but I think that's because people weren't hyped up to begin with. After the gig we acted like complete idiots and got our photos taken with George...which is always so weird because he knows us but I'm not going to stop now. I said, "can we be losers and have a photo?" he said, "are you ashamed to have your photo taken with me?" and I said, "no, obviously not!". He then asked how my fella was and asked about the wedding (I don't know how he knows I'm getting married), we had a little chat then gave me a hug goodbye. It was really sweet.


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