Thursday, 5 August 2010

Day 1 – Do you believe in God?/What religion are you?

I don't have a religion but I guess what I do believe is closest to paganism. Although I hate the work pagan as from what I understand it's a word invented by the Christians. I love theology though and if I could I'd study it at University.

My parents are really religious and I used to be made to go to church when I was younger but I think it's all a load of crap to be honest. Science and history disproves so much of what Christianity is about. Having said that I think people take a lot of strength from their faith and I think if you can genuinely believe whole-heartedly in something that's really special. I would never get married in a church just because it's the expected thing, I think it would be really disrespectful to speak vows that actually mean something to certain people when they're just empty words to me. It would be like a muslim getting married in a synagogue just because they like the architecture.

I do believe in something though, I'm just not sure what. I definitely believe in fate, I think everything happens for a reason. I believe in energies and the power of the Earth...I guess I'm quite spiritual. But I don't believe in a man-made god.

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