Friday, 19 March 2010

Remember Me

I was lucky enough to bag a ticket to the UK premiere of Robert Pattinson's new film Remember Me on Wednesday and I have to say it's really great. After the initial squeals of delight at finding out I was actually going, then the panic of deciding what the hell to wear (official dress code was New York chic but I didn't know that until 30 minutes before going in) and finally the distress at having to get out of work an hour and a half early (this was actually fine as who would turn down my pleas?) I finally turned up at Leicester Square to the sound of thousands of screaming R-Pattz fans. I did share some red carpet time with him, although we were moved along so quickly I couldn't even take a photo. Sad times.

The film itself was really amazing and well worth the watch. Robert Pattinson looked gorgeous, acted well and the story actually had something to say, unlike most romantic films these days. It wasn't as dark as I was expecting (not that I'd actually read anything about it to be fair) but the twist at the end sent cold shivers down my spine and made me cry. I love a film that makes me cry so it was an all round success.

I took some video of Robert and Emilie de Ravin introducing the film, the sound and picture are poor but it still managed to be #34 most favourited video in entertainment on Youtube yesterday :) and here are a few photos.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Blackhole are my favourite band so far in 2010. We caught them supporting Gallows at Watford Colosseum and I was hooked immediately. Richard Carter certainly has his brother Frank's knack for frontmanship (is that a word? It is now) but the similarities between the bands pretty much stop there, other than they both play hardcore.
(Frank and Richard at Watford Colosseum)

When they announced they'd be supporting Underoath at KOKO I snapped up what must have been 2 of the last tickets as apparently the gig had been sold out for a while. It was an early start and due to the queue backing up onto our street (we live 1 minute from KOKO) we missed the first half of the first song but we got to the front and Blackhole smashed it! The crowd was terrible and full of what looked like 15 year olds who just didn't give a shit. Rich came into the crowd and tried to whip them up a worked for about 2 minutes but fair play to him for trying. That guy has no end of passion for his music and was going to prove it!
After their set me and Adam stocked up on merch. Please go buy some if you get the chance, they have the worlds best merch I swear (and of course buy their amazing album Dead Hearts). Then I acted all fangirl-like and asked Rich if I could get a photo with him. He was a sweetie and not only did I get a photo but he chatted with me and Adam for a bit. What a nice guy.
We are the Ocean were shit (I heard them described by more than one person as a poor man's Alexis on Fire) so we grabbed a drink and watched all the kids go mad for them then we left before Underoath even came on. I've never heard them and to honest, and this is probably bad of me to say, I really can't be arsed to even give them a try. Plus Christian rock really isn't my thing. But go check out Blackhole now!

Friday, 12 March 2010

My Gallows Clips

I just uploaded all of my Gallows clips from Kentish Town Forum and Watford Colosseum to one video! The sound is ropey in places but thought I'd share it anyway.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Vegas Baby

We watched a great documentary last night, The Lure of Las Vegas. Watch it on BBC iPlayer while you can. I wish I could go back to 1950's Vegas to relive that glamour and excess. Most of the classic signs are no longer in operation and reside in a kind of neon graveyard including this one from the Stardust Hotel and Casino, my personal favourite.

It reminded me of the Katy Perry song Waking up in Vegas. I seriously want every outfit she wears in this video.
And I'm now desperate to watch Casino again. I want to be Ginger.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sad Day for MCR Fans

There have been a few rumours flying around but it's been confirmed. Bob Bryar has left My Chemical Romance. Bob was always the quiet one and from what I've seen he was a sweetheart. I'm not going to lie, I shed a tear when I found out. Here's the official announcement posted by Frank on

Hello Friends,

Recently it seems as though every time we write to you guys we have bad news, and we apologize for that, but we've learned in life you can't have the sweet without the sour. As a band we have been very fortunate over the years that our sweet times have greatly outweighed the sour ones, and a great deal of that is owed to you, the fans. Which is why we wanted this news to come from us and not some bullshit gossip site.

As of 4 weeks ago, My Chemical Romance and Bob Bryar parted ways. This was a painful decision for all of us to make and was not taken lightly. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and expect you all to do the same.

We also wanted to give you all a quick heads up on how the record is progressing. We have been writing some very powerful new songs so this week the four of us entered the studio once again, and what has been ending up on tape each night is some of the most exciting and honest work we have ever created.

We hope this letter finds you well, we miss you...
talk to you soon,
xo MCR

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

American Pie

I forgot how much I love this cover and this video!

"Now do you believe in rock 'n roll and can music save your mortal soul?"

Oh Didn't You hear?

I parted with £46 the other day so I could own one of Steph Carter's old Fred Perry shirts. Pathetic I know. It does fit me though!

New Tattoo

I got a new tattoo a few weeks back. I would have posted a photo sooner but it took a while to heal (it was nice and dry and scabby for a week). I've posted photos and meanings behind all of my other tattoos so thought I'd do the same with this one.
First off, I didn't intend for it to be this big (it wraps around a lot so getting a good pic is really hard) but I'm glad it came out this large. I think the bigger the better with tattoos and I want to get my sleeve finished before I get married next year so it just means less space is left to cover!
If you can't tell what it is...and I really hope you can, it is in fact an anchor with a banner wrapped round it reading "Mayday". First and foremost it's a Gallows reference. Their song Abandon Ship is my favourite from their first album and it starts with the words "Mayday, mayday". I chat a lot on here about how I love Gallows so I won't go into it too much but they perform with such passion and put out the most mind blowing music and I just wanted to get a tattoo to pay homage to that. I'm planning a gypsy head with "Misery" written beneath it next as that's my favourite song from the second album and it has a lot of personal meaning to me.
The anchor and text are also a reference to the fact my grandfather went down on a ship in the second world war, drowning somewhere near Russia. I love old school sailor tattoos and I think this one works really well with my sailor swallows which I also got, in part, for him.

A couple of other ideas I have for my sleeve are a cartoon pin-up Silk Spectre and a bubblegum pink diamond with SPQR written with it.