Monday, 15 December 2008

Last one I promise

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And again.....

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I Elfed Myself

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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Who wants to buy me one of these???

This is Piglet. She's Mikey Way's dog. I've always wanted one of these Sharpei's, ever since I saw Jon Knight with his dog Honey back when New Kids On The Block were huge (his dog was brown), ever since then I've called them honey dogs. I already want lots of cats, 2 ginger boys called Gerard and Frankie for sure. I would also a white cat (I want to call it George, the boyfriend is not happy about that). A white chihuahua like Britney's would be lovely, I always thought William Young Pop Idol was a cool name for this particular pet. What could I call my little black sharpei?

Friday, 5 December 2008

Bands and Social Media....and my Youtube videos

I'm not one of these people that searches through Youtube for funny videos to send to my friends, although I do enjoy receiving them from time to time, but I do use it to keep up to date with my favourite bands. One Night Only have just introduced ONO Wednesdays where they post a new video every week to keep their fans happy now that they're off tour. They film and edit the videos themselves which adds that extra personal touch. I think they're a band that uses (or who's label uses) social media really well, giving the fans plenty of stuff to look at, enter, take part in every month be it through Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, e-newsletters or Youtube.

My Chemical Romance have also just started to really use social media. They've always had a Myspace and a website but they've just launched their new site which is basically an aggregated blog and Twitter stream (along with Twitpics). As I write this lead singer Gerard Way has over 9,000 followers and I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that at least 80% of those had never even heard of Twitter before the band joined. Some of the guys are responding to fan Tweets but mostly they just post funny little random comments and messages to each other. The blog isn't really giving the fans any update right now but the guys are writing really humorous, geeky posts about reality tv, Star Wars and video games that say far more about them as people than any interview I think I've ever seen or read with them has ever done.

Band communities are often very strong online and they love to share videos, music, pictures etc. I have come to realise that I was born without a shame gene, that's right, I have no shame whatsoever and it is because of this that I feel I can share the fact that I like to make fan videos. Nothing too weird, just some pictures of MCR edited together to their music. I mainly do it to rare songs or b-sides, things that some fans might not have. Really it's just a bit of fun for me when I'm bored but I was surprised to see that one of the videos I made to one of their songs has nearly 65,000 views and another one, to a song from their album, has nearly 43,000 views. My videos are not great (see for yourself below) but fans will cling to any bit of band related content they can get. If that content is actually supplied by the band, or at least fuelled by the band themselves then even better!