Saturday, 13 March 2010


Blackhole are my favourite band so far in 2010. We caught them supporting Gallows at Watford Colosseum and I was hooked immediately. Richard Carter certainly has his brother Frank's knack for frontmanship (is that a word? It is now) but the similarities between the bands pretty much stop there, other than they both play hardcore.
(Frank and Richard at Watford Colosseum)

When they announced they'd be supporting Underoath at KOKO I snapped up what must have been 2 of the last tickets as apparently the gig had been sold out for a while. It was an early start and due to the queue backing up onto our street (we live 1 minute from KOKO) we missed the first half of the first song but we got to the front and Blackhole smashed it! The crowd was terrible and full of what looked like 15 year olds who just didn't give a shit. Rich came into the crowd and tried to whip them up a worked for about 2 minutes but fair play to him for trying. That guy has no end of passion for his music and was going to prove it!
After their set me and Adam stocked up on merch. Please go buy some if you get the chance, they have the worlds best merch I swear (and of course buy their amazing album Dead Hearts). Then I acted all fangirl-like and asked Rich if I could get a photo with him. He was a sweetie and not only did I get a photo but he chatted with me and Adam for a bit. What a nice guy.
We are the Ocean were shit (I heard them described by more than one person as a poor man's Alexis on Fire) so we grabbed a drink and watched all the kids go mad for them then we left before Underoath even came on. I've never heard them and to honest, and this is probably bad of me to say, I really can't be arsed to even give them a try. Plus Christian rock really isn't my thing. But go check out Blackhole now!

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