Saturday, 14 August 2010

Day 10 – What do you think about straightxedge?

I love it. I don't pretend to know a lot about it but I love hardcore, where it all started, and so know of a lot of band members who choose to live straight edge and they're still the most rock n roll guys you'd ever meet.

I've stopped drinking because I hate the person I am when I drink too much, I don't touch drugs because I find them a selfish indulgence that ruin relationships, and I think monogamy is extremely important to a relationship so I try to live somewhat by the straight edge way of life right now anyway.

As someone who has suffered depression and find it hard to keep a clear mind at the best of times I think drink, drugs and sleeping around are best of out of my life. I prefer to get my highs through listening to music, getting lost in a good film or just laughing with my friends. Some people might think that's boring but maybe they should judge their own lives and not mine because mine's not going so bad right now...

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