Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I've Been Away

Once again I've not blogged in a while. I was on holiday for a few weeks. Oh my god I needed those two weeks but I've come back and feel like I was never away :( So what have I been up to?

Firstly I've gone blonde. I'm still not sure it was the best idea I've ever had! I went blonde when I was at uni, which coincided with when I was obsessed with Eminem and liked to dress like a bit of a boy. The hairdresser fucked my hair so badly I had to have it all cropped off. For the reason I’ve just stated I didn’t really mind but my family (in particular my brother) started calling me Pat Butcher. Not surprisingly I dyed it back to black fairly sharpish. That was about 10 years ago (fuck I feel old now) and the boyfriend had never seen it blonde, he’d heard the stories but still encouraged me to lighten it again (fuelled by his crush on Jenna Jameson I suspect). I always liked the colour, just not the cut, so I took the (very expensive) plunge. Oh dear.

I was in the hairdresser’s for 7 and a half hours. In that time I had my hair bleached twice and the ends still wouldn’t go any colour but copper. I was meant to be having a messy bob cut but to save me having to be a redhead (that would have washed me out, trust me) I had to have it cut off. It’s not a good cut really. It’s meant to be a very short version of a bob that will grow into the style I want but to be honest it’s more of an overgrown pixie cut gone wrong. I was told they’re a ‘statement salon’ when they were half way through butchering, I mean cutting, my hair. I don’t want a fucking statement on my head thanks very much! Plus since, once again, I fried my hair they can’t bleach it again for two months. It’s meant to be peroxide blonde but won’t be until I have the second bleaching. Aaaaahhhh. Stuck with a yellow mop on my head with black roots. Not so sexy. Thank god I’ve got boobs or I’d have no male attention ever again. The boys at work have started calling me as a little boy. Nice.

So me, the hair and the boyfriend took ourselves off to Cornwall to stay with the in-laws for a week. We had the best weather you could ever imagine. Even I, the office emo, popped on a bikini and sat sunbathing. The only problem with holidays is you treat yourself far too much. I managed to put on a lot of weight that I still can’t bloody shift. This is not helped by the fact that I’ve not done any running or exercise for over a month now (even though my half marathon attempt is getting closer). We then came back to Camden for a week and just lounged around, watching DVD’s, eating even more and drinking even more again. It was heaven.

I’ve managed to catch a few gigs as well. I was double booked to see Air Traffic and Skint & Demoralised on the 18th June. I planned to catch half of both with the aid of a taxi but AT’s tardiness meant I only caught one song before I had to leave (although I hear the gig was an amazing 15 song comeback) and then S&D’s tardiness meant I actually could have caught a lot more of AT. Although I was glad to catch the whole S&D set and you should all go any buy their new single, Red Lipstick, on iTunes NOW!

Last night we went to see La Roux as part of the iTunes Festival. Dan Black supported and I thought they were both really good actually. It’s not really the type of music I tend to like but La Roux has a pretty amazing voice and was really sweet and funny with the crowd. The sound in the Roundhouse was great as well which has got me all excited for my next gig, Placebo and General Fiasco on Tuesday!

Also went to see a few films. Public Enemies is a must see. Excellent direction, fantastic acting and all the guys look proper fit in their suits ;) It had me crying like a baby at the end as well. Transformers 2 was such a letdown. It looked great but made no sense and dragged on for far too long. Plus the comedy Transformers were just a joke – for all the wrong reasons. Still, Shia LaBeouf looked hot! Terminator Salvation was nowhere near as bad as people will have you believe. I’m not sure Christian Bale was the right man for the job and I found the action just too unbelievable but it worked better than Terminator 3 and breathed some new life into the franchise.

That’s it really. I’ve got a busy month ahead so I’m sure there’ll be more updates soon.

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  1. Totally agree with your film reviews. Terminator Salvation wasn't nearly as bad as everyone said - and I liked that it retained the nightmarish feel of the first two. Public Enemies v good - and Johnny was devilish handsome. Think am a bit in love.

    (Your hair is great. I love it. It's in no way Pat Butcher.)