Tuesday, 20 October 2009

All The Celebs....

Once again I've been slow with my blogging recently but I've been quite busy....meeting famous people. Which just happens to be my favourite thing to do :)

Me and the boy were meant to be going to see 'The Hot Melts' a few weeks back and they were going to be supported by Jamie Campbell Bower's band 'The Darling Buds'. Unfortunately the gig was cancelled but 'The Darling Buds' really came through and after some crazy quick Twittering the band arranged to perform a mini acoustic gig in Hyde Park. The bf was instantly unimpressed and was even more put out when we turned up and were surrounded by Twihards (Jamie's in 'New Moon'). However the band arrived and found a little spot in the trees under an old fashioned lamp post and they performed one of the best sets I've ever heard. We were both blown away and two new fans were born. I wanted to stick around and get a photo taken with Jamie Campbell Bower, the boy grudgingly held the camera and the result is below along with some video I shot.

Then Kevin Smith came to London. Back when I was in uni me and my best mate Cathy used to spend hours watching his films, buying merchandise and deciding who was more likely to "get it" if we ever met them, Jay or Bob (I was a Jay girl, she liked Bob, I've since come around to her way of thinking ;)). We studied film and our conversations about Smith were far more informed than anything we ever presented about melodrama, scrip writing or film history. First he did a signing at Forbidden Planet, I took a day off work and queued for 4 hours just to meet him for 30 seconds but it was so worth it. Next Kevin brought his famous "An Evening With..." to the Indigo2 and we got to sit through 4 hours of his hilarious banter.

Other than that I've done nothing but work, work, work...oh and obsess over how great Edie Sedgwick is, was, is..... but she'll get a whole post to herself when I get 5 minutes.

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  1. Kevin Smith is cool! I keep missing when he comes to Edmonton