Saturday, 30 January 2010

Star Struck!

We went to see Rolo Tomassi the other night at Barfly in Camden. They were so much fun and seemed to spend more time in the audience than they did on stage. Now I wish I could say seeing them play live was the highlight of my night but it really wasn't and this makes me a bad person. The highlight of my night was seeing Stephen Carter working behind the merch stand!

I'm a crazy Gallows fan, their music is so important to me and from what I've seen they're all really nice guys. I know the Carter brothers hate the whole fan thing, when people put them up on pedestals as something they're not but I couldn't help being star struck when I saw Steph. I'm not going to lie, I do have a tiny crush on him but it was just so cool to see someone who puts out the most amazing music stood a foot away from you.

His gorgeous girlfriend Eva Spence is the singer of Rolo Tomassi and she was selling her cute accessories from Night of the Living Thread. I bought an ace headband and necklace. She was really sweet as well and I really wish I'd asked for a photo with her. I'm hoping she has a merch stall at the next Gallows gig so that I can ask her for one. If you haven't heard Rolo Tomassi you should take a listen, I don't know how such a huge voice can come out of someone so dinky!

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