Saturday, 30 October 2010

Products Made From Cattle

I think the comment at the bottom of this photo is a little strong. There are people out there who avoid all of this shit and live a pretty dedicated life. They're rare but I'm sure they exist. I avoid what I can but to be honest I'm not the world's best vegan. I'm careful with my food, although eating out is a tricky business and I'm sure mistakes are made. I try to use vegan make-up but some stuff just doesn't exist so then I use products I know are not tested on animals. When it comes to stuff like linoleum and household furnishing, I wouldn't know where to start so I fail miserably there. Finally medicine, I can't risk getting infections or making myself ill I'm afraid so I use what there is but if there were vegan medicines and treatments on the market then I'd be the first to snap them up.

With a lot of this stuff it's supply and demand and I think there is a demand, it's just not big enough. I do more for animals by doing what I can to be a vegan than meat eaters or vegetarians do so I think I can rest easy.

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