Thursday, 23 December 2010

Newest Charlie related tattoo

I recently got my 6th (or 3rd depending on how you count them) Lost related tattoo. The wildly talented Valerie Vargas gave me a stunning Hawaiian hula girl, topless of course, and what does she have at her feet? Why, an empty peanut butter jar of course! I still need to get the ocean and beach coloured but the hula girl herself is finished and I love her. I said I was going to get an empty jar to show my love for the character of Charlie and I did. I already have 'Late' and 'Fate' on my index fingers, as well has his candidate number on my pinkie (along with Ben's on the other hand and the numbers on my leg). 

 All of these photos are pretty fresh ones. The finger tats have spread a lot since these were taken.

I just think Charlie and Claire are the cutest couple and the most romantic too. That empty jar really represents a lot.

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