Thursday, 20 August 2009

My List

Any of you who have seen the episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel decide the 5 famous people they're allowed to sleep with if the chance ever arose will have their own 'list'.

Now I take mine very very seriously and I will follow through with it if I'm ever lucky enough to be confronted by any of my 5. Of course they'll need to find me equally as appealing and actually want to sleep with me. This is very unlikely but a girl can dream. Please find below, listed in a very loose order, my 'list'.

1) Gerard Way
Who else was going to be top of my list? My hero and all time top man Gerard. Talented to the extreme, gorgeous, well dressed, funny, and not afraid of commitment (he's a husband and a father). MCR's music has changed my life so he'll be my number 1 forever. I did meet him for all of 30 seconds once and he's also held my hand at a gig. They really were the best 2 days of my life.

This picture was taken the day I met Gerard. Not by me.

2) Frank Iero
One of the most passionate guitarists you'll ever watch. As with Gerard his music means the world to me and I love the stuff he's done with Pencey Prep and Leathermouth as well. He adores punk music and dresses really well so what's not to love? That's what every woman should look for in a man.

3) Tom Hardy
A new addition to my list and takes the place of Shia LaBeouf (I'd probably still have a crack if I met Shia but he's just not up to Tom's standards in the sexy stakes). Tom came to my attention recently when I finally got round to watching Bronson and RockNRolla. This guy can change his body shape with a snap of his fingers (personally I like him bigger which is a miracle as I usually like skinny little indie boys) and can act the socks off of anyone. Catch him in The Take for a full on Hardy experience. Tom currently adorns my laptop, iPhone and work PC wallpaper ;)

4) Brandon Flowers
The Killers are one of my favourite bands and Brandon's voice is a big draw. He's not afraid to dress flamboyantly, has the most amazing legs and his smile is perfection. When The Killers were on Jonathan Ross recently and performed a tonne of songs I nearly pee'd my pants a bit I was so excited. Brandon takes the place of Nick Carter on my list. Nick held his spot for many many years but he's lost a lot of weight recently and just look old suddenly, plus that boy never could dress.

5) Milo Ventimiglia
Peter Petrelli in Heroes. What more can I say. He plays one of the coolest characters on TV right now. Fit body, lovely face. Possibly the one person on my list who is on there souly for his looks, although I'm sure he's a very lovely person. That crooked smile is a winner in my books.

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