Monday, 10 August 2009

Where The Wild Roses Grow

I was sat in the lovely Hawley Arms yesterday having a spot of lunch with the boyfriend when "Where The Wild Rose Grow" came on the jukebox. This was one of my favourite songs when I was younger and definitely one of my favourite music videos. I tried to buy it (the video not the song) on iTunes as soon as I got in but it wasn't available. Sad times.

I used to be a huge Kylie Minogue fan when I was 'ickle, I was in the fan club and everything, and I think I'm one of the only people who loves her 'indie' (term used loosely) stuff but hates her as she is now. Well this song fits in with the 'indie' stuff and of course was written and performed by the superb Nick Cave.

The song inspired me so much that when I had to write a screenplay at university I based it party on this and partly on Richard Marx's song "Hazard". It was awful and I think I called it something terribly subtle like "The River Murders". Classic.

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