Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gallows Twice!

Friday and Saturday saw two fantastic Gallows gigs that couldn't have been more different if they tried. On Friday I travelled to Kingston to see them at the Fighting Cocks. Last time they played Kingston I missed it and was gutted for days so I sure as hell wasn't missing this one! The sun was blazing and as we arrived at the 100 capacity venue we knew we were in for a sweaty night, especially as 150 tickets had been sold. The band were milling around and we had to squeeze into the tiny room they'd be playing.

I've never been one for moshing and normally steer well clear of the pit (because I don't want to break my nose and normally have a fresh tattoo I don't want to get cut up) but there was no way of avoiding the pit this time as it took up half the room. Most of the guys were shirtless and going mental so the humidity, made up of pure sweat, was making it hard for everyone to breathe, including the band. But the dancing, moshing, stage diving (even without a stage) didn't stop all night and even when Frank looked like he was going to collapse he just kept on going. It was definitely my number one Gallows gig and probably in my top two or three gigs of all time.

Eva Spence joined the band to sing Black Heart Queen and she gave me a big wave when she saw me. She's such a sweetie. We actually went to see Rolo Tomassi a couple of weeks ago at Underworld and they were brilliant, of course. Everyone leaving the gig was saturated. My hands looked like I'd been in a bath, my hair was wet through and you could have wrung my clothes out. Everyone was in a great mood though and it was one of the friendliest gigs I've ever been to.

On Saturday it was the Bizarre Ball and Gallows were due to play at 1am. My god it really was bizarre. I knew it was going to be full of people in fetish gear and fancy dress but I was not expecting to see so many willies. Boobs yes but willies no. My word. Also I don't know why so many fat girls choose to wear corsets. Each to their own and all that but a corset does not give a fat person a waist, it just emphasises that fact the don't have one and then gives them back boobs to match the front ones. Anyway, I digress. I'd made the effort and bought some amazing eyelashes and spent ages getting my eyes right. I even wore heels but had to change into pumps because I have granny feet and was in pain.

We stood through some pretty ropey performances and managed to get right to the front ready for Gallows. I was pretty happy until 10 minutes before they were due on a midget took a fake shit in a potty, fed it to his mate and then threw the remaining water and toilet paper in my face. Eyelashes were removed and I was still picking toilet paper out of my hair the next morning. If I could have kicked that midget's arse I would have done. But that would have been wrong.

Gallows finally took to the stage, watched by their beautiful other halves, in balaclavas. Steph kept his on for all of 30 seconds and the rest lasted about 1 minute longer. They played a blinding set and were on top form considering the crowd was crap. The highlight was when Frank spotted me between songs, waved, said hi and asked how my tattoo was. He said he was worried about the bruising. I assured him it was fine. We left the minute the set was done (not before Lags threw a snare drum through the air and nearly hit me haha) and was home by 3am.

I'm just sad I didn't get to see them play Hyde Park with Rage Against the Machine but twice in just over 24 hours was good enough for me.

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