Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

I don't know if you've noticed but it's been snowing outside....snowing a lot! I, like so many others, am snowed in and I'm having to work from home. This is actually a real pain in the arse and I don't recommend it. I lost access to our server, had to try to communicate over MSN and my mobile has terrible reception because it's an iphone and O2 is pants. Plus my beloved is also sat next to me trying to work, hogging all my internet and slowing me down even more. The bulk of the day seems to be consumed with arguing over who's going to make the next cup of tea (him, trust me) and me stretching and groaning as our sofa is ancient and I have the back of a 90 year old. This is all made worse by the fact that in 3 weeks I'll be moving to Camden and will be living just 10 minutes from the office, the snow came just a little to soon.

I shouldn't grumble, at least I can work from home. Although if I couldn't I still couldn't travel in so could at least enjoy the snow. We walked to my mum's for lunch yesterday as our cupboards are bare and I needed to stretch my legs. It was lovely out. Everyone was walking their dogs and sinking in the piles of snow. We even managed a very small snowball fight, I've not done that in about 20 years! You can bet your life it will all just be a slushy mess by the weekend and there'll be nothing left to enjoy.

On the plus side, and totally off topic, I saw this yesterday. I now want a wedding cake (when the day finally comes) made up of these and these alone! To cute....and a little worrying.

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