Friday, 20 February 2009

Soon To Be A Camdenite!

In less than a week I move to Camden. This has been a dream of mine for about 15 years and it's finally coming true. I can crawl out of bed and walk to work (10 minutes), drink in the Hawley every night if the fancy takes me (which I'm sure it will) and buy pink tutu's from the market to my hearts content. Unfortunately I first have to get through the stress of the move. We've been living in the words smallest flat surrounded by rather large boxes for weeks now. We have no sofa as we were running out of room to hold the boxes so we took it to the dump, this means sitting on rather horrible wooden chairs, not what you want after a long day at work.

I also had a rather strange girl knock on my door yesterday asking if this was the flat up for rent, when I said it was she asked to look around and promptly grabbed her mum and her nan, who had been hiding around the corner, and came in. Since, as previously mentioned, I live in the smallest flat in the world and it's full of boxes there was a moment of panic as I tried to fit them all in to my tiny bathroom. Suddenly I realised they weren't here with the landlord (my brother-in-law) and I'd usually be at work at this time of the day (I happened to have a hospital appointment so was working from home), so why the hell were they here? I had visions of being tied up as they pinched all my MCR merchandise, the nan stuffing my Gerard Way doll in her handbag, or the dim daughter stealing my prized "New Kids on the Block" vinyl and chillin' to "I'll be loving you forever" whilst I'm still bound to the radiator. I hurriedly got them out, they weren't impressed with the flat anyway, surprise surprise, and I called my brother-in-law. Turns out they were legit and were simply meant to be looking at the outside, they'd knocked on the off chance someone was in. Phew!

So now all I have to do is ditch my car (anyone want one for scrap?), call the utility companies and get through what may turn out to be the most stressful week of my life. Then the gigs start!!! "The Bronx", "General Fiasco" (with my mates band "Acacia Snow" as support - woo!, "Scarlet Harlots", "Gallows", more "Acacia Snow" and then Camden Crawl. I can't wait. If you see a tattooed, drunkard walking the streets of Camden over the next few months or slouched in the Snug at the Hawley it's not Ms Winehouse, it's moi!

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