Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day 19 — Character on LOST that is most like you

I doubt very much I'm like any of them. I wish I was! I guess, at a push, I'd say Juliet. She loves her family (her sister and nephew) and would do anything to get back to them, I know I can't stand to be away from Adam for long so we have that in common. She also settles into a really simple life with Sawyer in 1977 Dharmaville and I like to think I'd be happy with that sort of existence. She has quite a strong moral code, as do I (most of the time) and will fight to do what she believes is best. One way in which we're different though is that I would never refuse the advances of Ben. Ever.Other than that...maybe Penny. She lives for Desmond and little Charlie and I think I'm very much the same. Adam is my constant.

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