Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I totally forgot to write a review of Inception which is really bad of me because it's so fucking amazing. When I walked out of the cinema I had a similar thought as when I saw Shutter Island "Now that's how you make a film!" Great cast, direction, script, production, everything was just perfect and there wasn't a glimpse of 3D to be seen. Heaven.

I'd heard it was really confusing but considering I was really sleepy and feeling under the weather I followed it fine so I wouldn't let that put you off going to see it. There was a lot of humour in it (mainly from my favourite Brit boy Tom Hardy) and it was really dark in places which I loved. I often think Hollywood does action terribly and over edits everything but Inception had great pacing and I never felt lost, it's editor deserves an Oscar. The acting was superb and I can't not mention how hot the cast is, there's definitely some eye candy for guys and girls alike.

I'll leave you with a photo of my and the beautiful Tom Hardy at the London première. I know I look terrible but you won't be looking at me anyway thanks to his stunning face ;)

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