Wednesday, 14 July 2010

One Night Only - Bush Hall

They've been away for what feels like an age and on Monday One Night Only were finally back in London! I first started following ONO in 2008 and I was in a really happy place back then, my job was good, we'd just moved back down to London and I was getting to see them play every couple of weeks which was just crazy. I loved those few months and although they always felt like a guilty pleasure to me, because they were so young and their music was just light and fun, it was sad when suddenly it all stopped and they started to record their new stuff.

Their new album is out in August and I'd only heard a couple of the new tracks which didn't really blow me away but after seeing them on Monday in Shepherds Bush I can safely say the new stuff sounds much better live than it does recorded.

Now two years ago we'd have been queueing outside the venue from 10am like proper weirdos. We arrived closer to 5pm this week and were shocked to see that the queue was pretty long and made up of quite a few blokes rather than the 14 year old girls we'd normally expect. The venue itself was odd. Bush Hall was lovely but had carpet in it which seemed to make the whole place a rather too well insulated sauna! There were two support acts. First up was Drive Like I Do who I really really liked and would definitely go and see again. Second was Leah Mason who plays the guitar unbelievably well but just wasn't doing it for me. Her set went on forever and was crazy dull.
ONO finally took to the stage and played a really good mix of old and new stuff. I wasn't too keen on the new arrangement on some of the older tracks and the drums were quite overbearing but the show was so much fun and when they played Just For Tonight the place just exploded! I did miss seeing Sam at the drum kit (he was always such a doll) and Dan had been styled into some kind of dandy with a rosary a look I've not seen for a few years now but his "stylist" is obviously trying to bring back. George, Mark and Jack all looked the same though and watching them was really great.
I grabbed a tour t-shirt designed by Zoe Jervoise and then we headed outside which is when it got really weird. There were paparazzi waiting for George and when he came out they were running to get a picture! Plus he had a bodyguard! Having met George a million and one times this just seemed so surreal to us but the weirdness must of rubbed off because I regressed into the fangirl I once was and got a photo with him. It was sweet of him to say hi and ask how I was before I grabbed him for the piccie though.
So that's it for a little while longer, there are murmurs of an October tour so I hope they're true.

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