Thursday, 29 July 2010

My Engagement Tattoo

I've had this a little while now but it just didn't want to heal. I think I might have a tiny bit of scarring but it still looks great and as it's my engagement tattoo it obviously means a lot to me.

The diamond represents the engagement and I just made it pink because it's girly and cute and I love the colour. S.P.Q.R. is means the senate and people of Rome and if you've ever been you'll have seen it written all over city. Adam popped the question in Rome and as it's my favourite place on Earth I was going to get an S.P.Q.R tattoo anyway so it made sense to put them together.

It's my second Frank Carter tattoo and he's just great so it was a joy to get. He said my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the bubblegum pink he was using. It's true.

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